Pricing and Sponsored Development


Monthly Charges

Sapman v12  is supplied on a monthly rental basis including unlimited telephone support and update cover.

There is no upfront cost to use Sapman v12 but if you prefer to buy the software outright then we are happy to work with you on that basis too.

Our monthly pricing ranges from £95 to £50 depending on the number of concurrent users.  A minimum of 2 user licences is required for a live site with support.

There is no minimum contract period – you can increase or decrease your users at any time and we will simply amend your monthly payments to suit.

Our pricing scheme is extremely flexible for growing companies or those with variable staffing requirements throughout the year.

Set Up Costs

Setup costs are variable and depend on the size and complexity of the site(s)

A small and straightforward site can be set up remotely

With the software downloaded and set up by our Dundee support team and training provided via Team Viewer sessions.  As a guide : cost of download & set up of software is £295 and training is £80 per 50 minute unit) – 7 unit packs can be purchased for £500.

A 5-8 user site may need more help: in this case we offer a 5 day starter pack at £2,950; which broadly breaks down to :

1 day  :  consultant onsite for part of a day to design the business model within Sapmanv12

2 days for Dundee support team to install software, load demo/test data set, do key stationery.  The normal costs to be incurred are :Installing and setting up the software on your server, transferring existing data into Sapmanv12, setting up stationery layouts : Works Order. Sales Order, Purchase Order, Sales Invoice and Credit Note.  Produce live data set.

2 days available for training which can be done remotely via Team Viewer & assistance on Go Live.

More Complex Sites

Some clients require a lot of Business Modelling and programming work before they transfer onto Sapmanv12 and can spend up to £20,000.  These are clients that would typically have spent £50,000 to £100,000+ with one of our competitors.

They find that they have a much larger budget than is required – and can spend part of the surplus on software enhancement.

Sponsored Development

If clients want additional enhancements to the core system, they may agree with us to co-fund that additional programming rather than wait for the ongoing developments to include the enhancements. These enhancements become part of the core system and thus potentially benefit all users. We call this co-funded development – Sponsored Development.  New features and functions are disabled through default settings of software switches but each new software release comes with release notes that document the new features and the required switch settings to enable the new capabilities.

Bespoke Development

This is work that we do peripheral to the Sapman v12 product. That is, getting data into the system by hooking into parts of your existing processes that are non-standard and may need tailoring to optimize the installation.

We also offer help with customising reports to your specific needs or assisting the design of your stationery layouts.  These are tasks you can undertake yourself; but you may find it more cost efficient to let us do the work.

We also develop completely new bespoke modules for some customers that require specific ERP functionality as part of their business processes.



What our clients say

"I really love the software – but sometimes I get an issue I can’t solve and I contact the support desk in Dundee. The team are always quick to respond with a solution and have never let me down."

Claire Whitelock, Production Manager, SGX Sensortech


"The support we received during the implementation of the V12 upgrade and then in providing solutions to our specific needs have been superb."

Tim Bonnett, Chief Sales Officer, Alpha Micro Components

Micro Alpha Components

"V12 offers us greater productivity, improved communications with third parties and the interconnectivity between the various menus and our Sage Accounting software makes operating our company infinitely easier."

Colin Mallard, Finance Director, Lakeland Laboratories Ltd

Lakeland Laboratories

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