System Manager screen shots

Parameter settings
Sapman v12 Parameter settings screen

V12 has a system manager where parameter settings can be configured by the end users to fit their business needs.

User Permissions
Sapman v12 User Permissions screen

Users can be restricted from using features on the V12 by the user permissions in system manager.

Permission Set
Sapman v12 Permission Set screen

The permissions that can be restricted for users can be from editing details, viewing details and even using certain actions on V12.

System Manager
Sapman v12 System Manager screen

Users can be provided with a custom made menu where the end user can have setup in system manager.

Users Menu
Sapman v12 Users Menu screen

Ends users are able to select the available menu tasks that will be displayed on the users menu screen.

Analysis Code Manager
Sapman v12 Analysis Code Manager screen

End Users are able to add new Analysis Codes onto V12 on the Analysis Code Manager.

Analysis Codes
Sapman v12 Analysis Codes screen

There are 5 types of Analysis Codes an end user can add to V12:
Selective – Users can select from a list of user defined values entered on the Analysis Code.
Yes/No – Users can select from the option between Yes/No for the value of the Analysis Code.
Direct Entry – Users can manually enter a free-text value for the Analysis Code.
Date – Users can select a date from a drop-down calendar as the value for the Analysis Code.
Time – Users can enter a date value for the Analysis Code.

Add New Selective Analysis Code
Sapman v12 Add New Selective Analysis Code screen

When adding/editing an Analysis Code, they can be setup to appear only on specific modules on V12.

Analysis Code Manager
Sapman v12 Analysis Code Manager screen

Any Analysis Codes added to the Analysis Code Manager will then be available to attach to objects on V12.

Analysis Codes
Sapman v12 Analysis Codes screen

In the V12 System Manager, default analysis Codes can be set against objects.

New Default Analysis Code
Sapman v12 New Default Analysis Code screen

While a default Analysis Code is being added, this can be set to mandatory to be filled in by the end user when adding a new object for certain objects.

System Manager Reports
Sapman v12 System Manager Reports screen

The list of report layouts used on V12 is located on the System Manager report layouts tab. Custom report layouts can be created by the end users.

Import V12 Report Layouts
Sapman v12 Import V12 Report Layouts screen

Ends users will be able to import existing V12 report layouts or add new layouts onto any of the report listed on the grid for their business needs.

Custom Report Layout
Sapman v12 Custom Report screen

Custom Report can have a printer location and the spool type set by the end user.

Report Designer
Sapman v12 Report Designer screen

V12 has a built in report designer where end users are able to format and set the details to be displayed on the custom report layout.

Select Report Layout
Sapman v12 Select Report Layout screen

When a custom layout has been added to a report, the user will be given options to select a custom report that has been created or use the standard V12 report layout when printing of the report.

Sales Order Acknowledgement Report
Sapman v12 Sales Order Acknowledgement Report screen

An example of the sales order acknowledgement report.

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