Quotation Manager screen shots

Quotation Manager
Sapman v12 Quotation Manager screen

Quotation can be added in V12 by the Quotation Manager in the Sales module. Any Lines that the Quotation has can be also viewed on the manager screen.

Opportunities and Sales Orders
Sapman v12 Opportunities and Sales Orders screen

Opportunities and Sales Orders can be created using the details from the Quotation by the right-click drop-down menu.

Sales Order
Sapman v12 Sales Order screen

Any linked Sales Order that is created by a Quotation can be viewed by the Sales Order tab displaying the Sales Order and Sales Line details.

Quotation Line
Sapman v12 Quotation Line screen

Multiple item lines can be added to the Quotation, there a several type of line that the end user can set a line as. These are Non-Stock, Stock Item, RFQ, Service and Design.

Quotation Line
Sapman v12 Quotation Line screen

Each Quotation Line can have multiple quantities/price detail entered.

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