How is my support issue dealt with?

Please email any support issues to v12support@sms-limited.co.uk or call to talk to one of our Support Technicians  on 01382 561072. Support issues received are looked at and resolved as quickly as possible by the Support Team. If we are unable to resolve the issue immediately we will raise a Task and you will be given a task number as reference. You can ask for an update on your task at any time. Tasks are dealt with in order of Priority which we will discuss with you when raising the task.

I’ve noticed a feature in V12 I like to learn more about, how can I get more information?

Information on any of the features on V12 is provided on the datasheets that are provided on our website. These give detailed instructions on how the feature is used on V12.

If you can’t find what you are looking for feel free ask us by emailing v12support@sms-limited.co.uk

I’d like to discuss how the best way to deal with a process we have, who do I need to talk to?

If you wish to discuss a way to deal with a process that you have, you will need to talk to a consultant. In the first instant please contact our Senior Consultant by email su@sms-limited.co.uk with a description detailing the problem, then a consultant will contact you for a further chat.

I have an error message what should I do?

When an error message appears, this will give the option to email the error to V12 support. By selecting ‘Email Error Report’ this will open an email message in outlook with the error details ready to be sent to v12support@sms-limited.co.uk.


The user can then provide a brief description of what they were doing when they get the error message and then send the email.


This will then be dealt with by support team and shortly afterwards we will contact the user with the progress of our investigation on the error.

Can I have more than one layout for Invoices/credit notes for use with different types of customers?

Yes, multiple layouts can be created for invoices/credit notes on V12 and these can also be assigned to different customers. Users are able add a custom report layout for the specific report in the sapphire system manager on the report layouts tab.


Once the report has been added, this can then be assigned to a customer in company manager by editing customer account on the company where there will be a report layout tab available for assigning a report to the account.

Our V12 Licence is about to expire. What should we do?

If your V12 licence is about to expire you can email v12support@sms-limited.co.uk and they will either send the licence key with a datasheet explaining how to update the current Licence code. (Please Note: Licence Keys will only be issued where Full Payment of the Support/Licence Contract has been made).

What should I do with the project task list provided to me after a V12 update?

After a V12 update, an email confirming the completion of the update will be provided, attached will be the revision logs displaying all the changes on V12 and (where appropriate) a project task list containing the list of task for you.

Please test the tasks marked as ‘Awaiting Customer Acceptance’ or ‘Delivered’ on the project task list and then provide v12support@sms-limited.co.uk list of the task that have passed and failed with the reason.

This will allow us to keep your Project Task lists up to date.

How do I make a default Analysis Code mandatory on the Despatch Notes?

You can make default analysis codes on a despatch note mandatory in the Sapphire System Manager on the settings tab > analysis sub-tab > despatch notes tab.

Add or edit a default analysis code and then enable the mandatory checkbox. When a despatch note is created the selected analysis code will then require a value to be entered before the despatch note can be saved.

Can I set a default printer for a custom report on V12?

Yes, you can set the default printer for a custom report in the sapphire system manager on the report layouts tab. Right-click the report layout and select Edit Report Layout > Change Name/Description from the drop-down menu. You can then enable ‘Specify Printer Settings’ and set the default printer to be used by the report.

What do I need to do to run V12 on a new client PC?

To run V12 on a new client PC, ensure that the client PC has access to the network drive where V12 is installed. The location of a registry file and Sapman V12 shortcut will have been provided by v12support from when V12 is installed on the server.

  1. Copy the two files onto the client PC desktop
  2. Run the registry file
  3. Run the shortcut.

Sapman V12 should now run on the client PC.

(If you are unable to locate these file please contact v12support@sms-limited.co.uk.)


How do I add a new user to V12?

There are two ways to add a new user to V12:

i.i. A user can be added to V12 by the sapphire system manager in the users tab. This method of adding new users can only be done by users of type manager.


i.ii. A new user form will be required to be fill in. Once the user has been added the user will be able to log into V12 as the user.



ii.i. A user that hasn’t been added to V12 there will be prompt to create a user login on the first time the user runs V12. This will give the user to the option to select the user menu to use.


ii.ii. After the menu has been selected, a new user form is required to be filled in by the user. Once the form has been completed, this will log in the user into V12.

What are the benefits of archiving?

When running V12 there could be thousands of completed or closed orders that are not necessary to be shown in the relevant grid. This will increase the loading times on V12 to display these orders i the relevant Grid. By archiving completed or closed orders this will exclude loading the orders while working on open orders.

Archived Order can be still be viewed on V12 by selecting View Archived Orders on the manager screens and enabling ‘Include Archived Orders’ checkbox.

Will V12 work on Windows 10?

Yes, sapman V12 is compatible with the operating system Windows 10.

What our clients say

“Sapmanv12 ERP provides us with excellent support and through a long term partnership have a detailed understanding of our business processes and requirements”

IT Manager, Pennine Healthcare


"We’ve been using the Sapmanv12 ERP for many years; what I really like is the way the CRM module helps us control our sales orders and the batch and serial number traceability is vital to our hi tec assembly processes. It does everything I want it to do!"

Chris Papakyriacou, MD, Alpha Micro Components

Micro Alpha Components

"The support we received during the implementation of the V12 upgrade and then in providing solutions to our specific needs have been superb."

Tim Bonnett, Chief Sales Officer, Alpha Micro Components

Micro Alpha Components

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