Training datasheets

Company Manager Datasheets
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
COM100Ver3 Company Manager Overview 3 MB Download pdf
COM101Ver1 Import Single Company 340 KB Download pdf
COM102Ver3 Company Merge 447 KB Download pdf
COM103Ver2 Job Title 402 KB Download pdf
COM104Ver3 Company Types 662 KB Download pdf
COM105Ver1 Setting Default Report Layouts to Accounts 362 KB Download pdf
COM106Ver1 Updating Currencies, Exchange Rates, VAT Rates and Nominal Codes 189 KB Download pdf
COM107Ver1 Country Manager 248 KB Download pdf
COM108Ver2 GDPR Compliance 740 KB Download pdf
Design Manager Datasheets
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
DES100Ver5 Template Parameters 876 KB Download pdf
DES101Ver5 Template Pages 1 MB Download pdf
DES102Ver4 Template Rules 861 KB Download pdf
DES103Ver4 User Status 706 KB Download pdf
DES104Ver4 Advanced Search 881 KB Download pdf
DES105Ver4 Design Templates 2 MB Download pdf
DES106Ver6 Design Manager 5 MB Download pdf
DES107Ver4 Resources & Operations 3 MB Download pdf
DES108Ver4 Tool Manager 210 KB Download pdf
DES109Ver4 Manufacturing Departments 933 KB Download pdf
DES110Ver3 Design Category 774 KB Download pdf
DES111Ver3 Adding Tools to a Design & Operation 1 MB Download pdf
DES112Ver3 Compare Designs 298 KB Download pdf
DES113Ver1 Lookup Tables 420 KB Download pdf
DES114Ver2 Batch Replace Resources 911 KB Download pdf
DES115Ver3 Recosting Designs 482 KB Download pdf
DES116Ver1 Updating Works Order Notes from Design 338 KB Download pdf
EDI Datasheets
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
EDI100Ver3 Importing Sales Orders 588 KB Download pdf
EDI101Ver2 Sales Lead Time 188 KB Download pdf
EDI102Ver3 Exporting Sales Invoices 605 KB Download pdf
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
EDMS100Ver2 Engineering Document Manager 1 MB Download pdf
Extra Features
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
EXF100Ver1 Barcode Scanner Overview 1 MB Download pdf
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
MRP100Ver3 Material Requirements Planning Overview 3 MB Download pdf
MRP101Ver1 MRP Run Breakdowns 489 KB Download pdf
Product Manager Datasheets
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
PDT100Ver3 Adding Design Parameters to a Product 189 KB Download pdf
PDT101Ver3.1 QC Questions 418 KB Download pdf
PDT102Ver3 QC Default Product Group Questions 219 KB Download pdf
PDT103Ver2 Units of Measure 149 KB Download pdf
PDT104Ver2 Product Groups 981 KB Download pdf
PDT105Ver2 Product Alternative Name Type 144 KB Download pdf
PDT106Ver3 Depot Names 644 KB Download pdf
PDT107Ver1 Product Price Lists 2 MB Download pdf
PDT108Ver2 Product Statuses 128 KB Download pdf
PDT109Ver2 Product Name Templates 128 KB Download pdf
PDT110Ver2 Stock Barcode Types 149 KB Download pdf
PDT111Ver3 Commodity Codes 149 KB Download pdf
PDT112Ver2 Product Buyers 118 KB Download pdf
PDT113Ver2 User Defined Issue References 120 KB Download pdf
PDT114Ver2 Set Up Default Location on a Product 286 KB Download pdf
PDT115Ver2 Product Factoring 333 KB Download pdf
PDT116Ver2 Booking Goods In via Product 999 KB Download pdf
PDT117Ver2 Single Item Issue and Return 1,021 KB Download pdf
PDT118Ver2 Reserving Stock 523 KB Download pdf
PDT119Ver3 Product Transfer Request 2 MB Download pdf
PDT120Ver2 Stock Take 3 MB Download pdf
PDT121Ver1 GRNs 2 MB Download pdf
PDT122Ver3 Updating Product Standard Cost 971 KB Download pdf
PDT123Ver2 Mark Down GRNs 185 KB Download pdf
PDT124Ver4 Product Manager 2 MB Download pdf
PDT125Ver4 Product and Stock Tab Details 4 MB Download pdf
PDT126Ver2 Archive GRN's 452 KB Download pdf
PDT127Ver2 Product Stock Details - Calculations of the Stock Level Details 221 KB Download pdf
PDT128Ver2 Adding Material Notes 259 KB Download pdf
PDT129Ver2 Multi Item Issue 3 MB Download pdf
PDT130Ver3 Project Group Warnings 792 KB Download pdf
PDT131Ver1 Depot Deletion Suggestions 326 KB Download pdf
PDT132Ver1 Adding Multiple Documents to GRNs 267 KB Download pdf
PDT133Ver2 MPS Schedule Importer 538 KB Download pdf
PDT134Ver1 Copy EDMS Files to GRNs 220 KB Download pdf
PDT135Ver1 Auto On-Hold for GRNs 172 KB Download pdf
Project Datasheets
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
PJT100Ver1 Project Manager 983 KB Download pdf
PJT101Ver2 Project Status Manager 159 KB Download pdf
Purchase Order Manager Datasheets
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
POP100Ver1 Linking a PO Line to a SO Line 364 KB Download pdf
POP101Ver1 Purchase Order Authorisation 1 MB Download pdf
POP102Ver2 Emailing Through Purchase Manager 1 MB Download pdf
POP103Ver3 How Quantity Changes or Prices Changes on PO Lines Can Affect the Supplier Manager 924 KB Download pdf
POP104Ver4 Purchase Orders 3 MB Download pdf
POP105Ver3 Booking Goods against a Purchase Order 874 KB Download pdf
POP106Ver4 Purchase Invoice 3 MB Download pdf
POP107Ver5 Purchase Credit Request 2 MB Download pdf
POP108Ver2 Purchase Reject Codes 636 KB Download pdf
POP109Ver2 Manufacturer Manager 418 KB Download pdf
POP110Ver1 Purchase Supplier Manager 1 MB Download pdf
POP111Ver1 Supplier Performance Categories 678 KB Download pdf
POP112Ver2 Purchase Order Type Manager 663 KB Download pdf
POP113Ver2 Closing Multiple Purchase Orders 455 KB Download pdf
POP114Ver2 Archiving Multiple Purchase Orders 461 KB Download pdf
POP115Ver1 Purchase Invoice - Prompt to Change Exchange Rates 343 KB Download pdf
POP116Ver2 Reversing Goods In 350 KB Download pdf
POP117Ver1 Supplier Manager - Exporting and Importing Supplier Product 788 KB Download pdf
POP118Ver1 Matching GRNs to Purchase Invoices 381 KB Download pdf
POP119Ver1 Importing Purchase Orders from Sage 173 KB Download pdf
Sales Order Manager Datasheets
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
SOP100Ver1 Creating & Printing Picking List Labels 547 KB Download pdf
SOP101Ver5 Sales Orders 3 MB Download pdf
SOP102Ver4 Sales Order Processing 3 MB Download pdf
SOP103Ver2 Sale Credit Request 1 MB Download pdf
SOP104Ver3 Opportunity Manager 2 MB Download pdf
SOP105Ver2 Opportunity Statuses 156 KB Download pdf
SOP106Ver2 Opportunity Line Statuses 172 KB Download pdf
SOP107Ver2 Opportunity Class Codes 144 KB Download pdf
SOP108Ver2 Partner Types 145 KB Download pdf
SOP109Ver2 Quotation Manager 4 MB Download pdf
SOP110Ver2 Quotation Statuses 158 KB Download pdf
SOP111Ver2 Customer Manager 2 MB Download pdf
SOP112Ver2 Certificate Manager 358 KB Download pdf
SOP113Ver2 Additional Cost Types 673 KB Download pdf
SOP114Ver2 Request for Quotation (RFQ) 1 MB Download pdf
SOP115Ver3 Sales Reject Codes 163 KB Download pdf
SOP116Ver2 Reserving Stock for a Sales Order Line 526 KB Download pdf
SOP117Ver2 User Defined Sales Line Type 191 KB Download pdf
SOP118Ver2 Costing Methods 312 KB Download pdf
SOP119Ver2 Closing Multiple Sales Orders 203 KB Download pdf
SOP120Ver2 Archiving Multiple Sales Orders 193 KB Download pdf
SOP121Ver2 Delivery Routes 829 KB Download pdf
SOP122Ver2 Sales Order Types 147 KB Download pdf
SOP123Ver3 Sales Forecast 800 KB Download pdf
SOP124Ver2 Opportunity Type 170 KB Download pdf
SOP125Ver3 Auto Picking and Picking List Overview 2 MB Download pdf
SOP126Ver2 Pro Forma Invoice 977 KB Download pdf
SOP127Ver2 Customer Address - Delivery Instruction Documents 713 KB Download pdf
SOP128Ver2 Advanced Picking List Manager 1 MB Download pdf
SOP129Ver2 Picking List Label 732 KB Download pdf
SOP130Ver3 Additional Despatch Notes 547 KB Download pdf
SOP131Ver2 Assigning a Report Layout to Customer Address 342 KB Download pdf
SOP132Ver2 Exporting and Importing Customer Products 424 KB Download pdf
SOP133Ver2 Prompt to Change Exchange Rates on Sales Invoice 305 KB Download pdf
SOP134Ver2 Reverse VAT 3 MB Download pdf
SOP135Ver1 EASA Form 1,016 KB Download pdf
SOP136Ver1 Intrastat Invoice Report 180 KB Download pdf
SOP137Ver1 Sales Order Quick Process 171 KB Download pdf
SOP138Ver2 Importing Sales Orders from Sage 168 KB Download pdf
SOP139Ver1 Customer Product Allowed Delivery Address 459 KB Download pdf
SOP140Ver1 Sales Order Authorisation 369 KB Download pdf
SOP141Ver1 Sales Account Checker 116 KB Download pdf
SOP142Ver1 User Defined Discount Type 325 KB Download pdf
SOP143Ver1 Create Despatch Labels 218 KB Download pdf
Sapphire System Manager Datasheets
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
SYS100Ver4 Analysis Codes 671 KB Download pdf
SYS101Ver3 System Parameters 407 KB Download pdf
SYS102Ver3 Navigation 577 KB Download pdf
SYS103Ver6 Common Features 3 MB Download pdf
SYS104Ver5 Set User as a Manager 253 KB Download pdf
SYS105Ver5 Add a Dataset 274 KB Download pdf
SYS106Ver4 Print Spooler 1 MB Download pdf
SYS107Ver4 Standard Notes 505 KB Download pdf
SYS108Ver4 Standard Tasks 1 MB Download pdf
SYS109Ver4 User Permissions 527 KB Download pdf
SYS110Ver4 Setting Up a Menu 1 MB Download pdf
SYS111Ver3 Updating the Licence 422 KB Download pdf
SYS112Ver4 Adding a New User 380 KB Download pdf
SYS113Ver3 Importing Report Layouts 926 KB Download pdf
SYS114Ver3 Exporting Report Layouts 505 KB Download pdf
SYS115Ver4 Snippet Manager 736 KB Download pdf
SYS116Ver3 Using v12 with Sage 200 702 KB Download pdf
SYS117Ver3 Audit Trail 620 KB Download pdf
SYS118Ver5 Adding V12 to a Client 427 KB Download pdf
SYS119Ver3 Creating Test Dataset Based on Live Dataset 2 MB Download pdf
SYS120Ver2 Connecting V12 to SQL Server 389 KB Download pdf
SYS121Ver17 V12 System Requirements 382 KB Download pdf
SYS122Ver1 Settings for a New Demo Dataset 382 KB Download pdf
SYS123Ver1 Sage 50 Manufacturing Exports 135 KB Download pdf
Task Manager Datasheets
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
TSK100Ver3 Task Manager Overview 1 MB Download pdf
TSK101Ver3 Task Type 605 KB Download pdf
TSK102Ver3 Task Priority 615 KB Download pdf
TSK103Ver3 Task Status 606 KB Download pdf
Works Order Manager Datasheets
Ref No / Version Datasheet Name Size Download
WOP100Ver1 Planning Board 2 MB Download pdf
WOP101Ver3 Works Order 3 MB Download pdf
WOP102Ver3 Works Order Processing 3 MB Download pdf
WOP103Ver1 Advanced Works Order Management 548 KB Download pdf
WOP104Ver2 Reserving Works Order Stock 715 KB Download pdf
WOP105Ver1 Advanced Works Order Management Picking List 1 MB Download pdf
WOP106Ver1 Production Lines 748 KB Download pdf
WOP107Ver1 Setup Production Lines 719 KB Download pdf
WOP108Ver2 Operators 959 KB Download pdf
WOP109Ver2 Works Order Allocating Stock 1 MB Download pdf
WOP110Ver1 Adding a Tool to a Works Order 381 KB Download pdf
WOP111Ver1 Timesheet Reference 418 KB Download pdf
WOP112Ver3 Close Works Orders Utility 422 KB Download pdf
WOP113Ver1 Enter Multiple Timesheets by Operator - Draft 929 KB Download pdf
WOP114Ver3 Archive Works Orders 865 KB Download pdf
WOP115Ver2 Works Order Issue Stock Issue Date & Issue Reference - Draft 673 KB Download pdf
WOP116Ver1 Creating Sample Works Orders - Draft 454 KB Download pdf
WOP117Ver2 Print Works Order Issue Report - Draft 495 KB Download pdf
WOP118Ver1 Shift Manager 405 KB Download pdf
WOP119Ver1 Works Order Multi Finished Goods 531 KB Download pdf
WOP120Ver1 Alternative Works Order Materials 425 KB Download pdf
WOP121Ver1 Shop Floor Data Capture 391 KB Download pdf
WOP122Ver1 Scrap GRN 292 KB Download pdf
WOP123Ver1 Works Order Material Labels 325 KB Download pdf
WOP124Ver1 Works Order Material Scrappage 243 KB Download pdf

What our clients say

"V12 was a complete transformation for our business back in 2014, with the added bespoke service and repair package designed by the SMS team the customer input and traceability became seamless."

Mike Perkins, Managing Director, Encoders UK Ltd


"I really love the software – but sometimes I get an issue I can’t solve and I contact the support desk in Dundee. The team are always quick to respond with a solution and have never let me down."

Claire Whitlock, Production Manager, SGX Sensortech

SGX Sensortech

"One of the features we appreciate in Sapphire V12 is 'unlimited Analysis Codes'. We use them to help categorise our products to provide the business managers with exactly the information they require about stock levels, sales, and purchases."

Andrew Keys, IT Manager, Lakeside Food Group

Lakeside Food Group

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